The Abattoir of Love
by Pantelis Boukalas

‘I want everyone to know that you murdered me for just a pair of roses.’

Based on Pantelis Boukalas’s exhaustive study of femicides in folk poetry, the show fuses spoken word, live music, traditional songs, pop songs and murder ballads. Within this gallery of crimes of passion, some women dared challenge the right of the husband-master, and some ‘just’ were there on a ‘bad day’. Leafing through opinions and fragments from past centuries, we seek out to present the ‘school of the ages’. This is where all of us studied zealously and, like good students, were prepared to partake in gender violence either as victims or victimisers. Nick Cave meets the Balkans, John Lennon laments in Greek: ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m just a jealous guy’.  

Maria Hanou
Anna Kalaitzidou
Michalis Titopoulos

Andreas G. Andreou
Thodoris Gonis
Eleni Stroulia

Director Thodoris Gonis
Co-Director Andreas G. Andreou
Composer Fotis Siotas
Set Designer Eleni Stroulia
Costume Designer Matina Megla
Lighting Designer Semina Papalexandropoulou
Produced by the Municipal-Regional Theatre of Kavala

02 Apr 2022 Antigoni Valakou Theatre Kavala
06 May 2022 Kykladon Str. Theatre Athens
07 Oct 2022 Sychrono Theatro Athens

©2022 Stratos Kalafatis, Maria Kalogiorgi