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By Heart
Film, Drama

By Heart
by Andreas Andreou

11’ 40’’

A cynical and manipulative middle-aged charmer oscillates between his partner and her best friend. When he realizes he is betrayed as much as he betrays, everyone will have to choose. Either carry on the act or exit the stage. Yet nothing is as it seems.

Written and Directed by
Andreas Andreou

Based on the play D.D.D. by Dimitris Dimitriadis

Elia Verganelaki
Kostis Kallivretakis
Zoé Lemonnier

Produced by Andreas Andreou, Ioanna Valsamidou and Zoé Lemonnier
Cinematographer Yorgos Rahmatoulin
Editor Thodoris Armaos
Production Designer Sofia Theodoraki
Composer Giorgos Andreou
Sound Designer Manolis Manousakis
Colorist Manthos Sardis
Make-up Artist Heidi Adamopoulou

An Octava L.A. and Electropera.tors Coproduction
Distributed by 7 Palms Entertainment

Images & Words © Andreas Andreou