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Nineteen Twenty-Two
Theatre, Radio

Nineteen Twenty-Two
by Thanasis Petrou

“We are five hundred kilometres away from Smyrna and will either die from thirst or heatstroke before we even lay hand on the rifle.”

May 1919. The Greek army disembarks on Smyrna. One year later, Smyrniot George Abatzis enlists in order to take part in the realization of the irredentist “Great Idea”. As he marches eastward, the charming and ragged land of Anatolia lays open before his eyes. In his path he comes face to face with history, and with the bitter realization that the fate of the campaign has been sealed. Thanasis Petrou’s graphic novel adapted as a live radio play with narration, foley art and live music. Part of the Philippi Festival Asia Minor Centennial Tribute.

Andreas Andreou
Korina Legaki
Manolis Manousakis
Thanasis Petrou
Dinos Psychogios

Director Andreas Andreou
Sound Designer Manolis Manousakis
A commision of the 65th International Philippi Festival

12 Aug 2022 Lighthouse Kavala

Photos © Philippi Festival

Images & Words © Andreas Andreou