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My Death Etc.

My Death Etc.
by Andreas Andreou

“The problem was, they couldn’t fit me into the coffin.”

A man wakes up... dead. He ponders, he reminisces, he “experiences”. His body is taken back to the homeland he refused. Tethered between his private self and his public image, he is forced to “live through” a painful revelation... and then his funeral turns into a protest. A satirical and edgy apology relating the involement of his past with their present.

Official participation of the National Theatre of Greece at the 2016 Sofia Small Season Festival under the auspices of UTE (Union des Théâtres de l'Europe)

Alexandros Chrysanthopoulos
Alexandros Gkonis
Andreas Andreou

Director Andreas Andreou
Designers Eleni Stroulia and Matina Megla
Lighting Designer Semina Papalexandropoulou
Sound Designer Alexandros Gkonis
Assistant Designer Eleni Arapostathi
Produced by National Theatre of Greece and Extravagant Union

14 Jul 2014 Royal Academy of Dramatic Art London
20 Apr 2016 National Theatre of Greece Athens
24 Jun 2016 Sfumato Theatre-Laboratory Sofia

Photos © Eleni Stroulia

Images & Words © Andreas Andreou