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by Zoé Lemonnier and Andreas Andreou

“-You’ll see. When you come. -I’m already there. -I’m here. -Always.”

She lives in Paris, he lives in Thessaloniki. They are trying to make it. They are trying to be together, stay together. Contact is made possible through technology. Is that all? A piece for two actors who never share the same space. Only the same stage.

Official Participation of the National Theatre of Greece at the 2017 Sofia Small Season under the auspices of UTE (Union des Théâtres de l'Europe)

Devised, Directed and Performed by
Zoé Lemonnier and Andreas Andreou

Dramaturg Sofia Polychronidou
Designer Matina Megla
Lighting Designer Semina Papalexandropoulou
Produced by National Theatre of Greece, Extravagant Union and  Sfumato Theatre-Laboratory

13 Jul 2017 Sfumato Theatre-Laboratory Sofia

Photos © Matina Megla

Images & Words © Andreas Andreou