An Oak Tree
by Tim Crouch

When I say sleep, everything stops. When I say sleep, you’re free again. When I say sleep, you’re free.’

A hypnotist losing his touch of magic. A father mourning the loss of his daughter. Reality has changed for both of them. What if they met? Tim Crouch’s renowned theatrical experiment on suggestion, loss and reconciliation. A play with a different protagonist each night, jumping in completely unrehearsed, creatively unprepared.

*Greek-language Premiere

Nina Labrianidi
Alexandra Marthalamaki
Eftyhia Giakoumi
Alexandros Gkonis
Michalis Ikonomou
Manos Karatzogiannis
Loukia Michalopoulou
Dimitris Piatas
Maria Protopappa
Christos Thivaios
Eleni Tsaligopoulou

Director-Translator Andreas G. Andreou
Set Designer David Negrin
Costume Designer Matina Megla
Lighting Designer Semina Papalexandropoulou
Produced by Kart Productions

19 Apr 2017 Kefallinias Str. Theatre Athens

©2017 Thalia Galanopoulou